Maximize operating efficiency in your water and wastewater facilities
Operators for water/wastewater facilities, are required to provide reliable and affordable services for their customers while complying with various government regulations, as well as make sure the sustainability of facility operations remains high.

Water utilities require more efficient methods of engineering, optimization of energy supply, and contextualized compliance monitoring as they seek to expand water availability to the general population at an affordable price.

AVEVA developed software solutions facilitate companies to be more efficient and environmentally conscious, putting them on the fast track to successful operations.
Our Solutions

Our Solutions for the Water/Wastewater Industry

Water Networks
Challenges for drinking water operations include managing a large network of geographically distributed assets, providing reliable monitoring and control of pump stations, dealing with aging infrastructure, managing operational and energy costs, and providing field personnel with information when they need it, wherever they are, and on whatever device they have at their disposal.

Wastewater Networks
Reliability of service, avoiding sewage overflows, managing aging and failing infrastructure, reliable control and monitoring of distributed assets, minimizing energy usage, and regulatory compliance are typical challenges for wastewater networks.

Water Treatment
Complying with ever-evolving regulatory standards, dealing with aging infrastructure, and managing operating costs – including labour, energy, and chemicals – are challenges water operations face in the pursuit to deliver reliable, affordable, high quality water and services in a secure and sustainable way.

Wastewater Treatment
Protecting the environment, complying with regulatory standards, avoiding sewage overflows and penalties, and providing a reliable, inexpensive service that produces clean water that’s safe to dispose or reclaim are some of the core challenges facing wastewater treatment operations.

Unifying Operations for Water and Wastewater

In this video, you'll find a brief demonstration of the AVEVA Unified Operations Center for Water & Wastewater solution. Monitor and control water and wastewater operations from end to end and drill-down from broad regional views down to asset specific KPIs for complete performance visibility.