Deliver projects on time, improve safety and operational performance, with access to the Digital Twin
Make decision-making easier with quick access to trusted information
In all industries, the maintenance, manufacture and operation of complex assets relies on accurate data. Unfortunately, it is common practice to see information stored in various global locations, unconnected. This causes a data silo effect, where organizations have a lack of transparency, efficiency, and trust. One example is:

1. Finding relevant and complete information
2. Lack of information standards
3. Maintaining regulatory compliance and safe operations

It accelerates information discovery and links distributed teams to a common data asset via one unique application, deployed in the cloud, on-premise, or both with a hybrid approach. The solution facilitates better decision-making based on data to optimize project schedules, operational performance, and safety while reducing risk.

3 Minutes

Or less to find actionable asset information

2 Months

To deploy across full business unit with cloud solution


Increased staff productivity


Or more reduction in unplanned downtime

We make it possible to build, control and interact with digital representations of physical assets digitally

Explore the Digital Twin strategy that one of the world’s largest oil and gas companies implemented that created immediate value

Key features

Universal access to the Digital Twin

AVEVA Asset Information Management can collect data from other systems in a variety of formats. Being agnostic, it doesn’t discriminate against any specific type of input data. It provides a complete cross-reference index with links to and associations between all items in the Digital Twin.

Data quality assessment

Through the aggregation of project and asset data, AVEVA Asset Information Management can provide information on the quality, consistency and completeness of data. This will result in compliance levels and efficient handover operations.

Automatic information discovery

Our technology automatically curates and maintains relationships between files. Any document can be related to any other file by tagging it, linking it or embedding it in the text. This makes your documents more accessible, removes duplicated information, and enables you to find the necessary information faster.

High-quality visualization

AVEVA’s Asset Information Management system provides high quality web-based visualization of tag data, documents, drawings, 3D models and laser scans. The use of automatic hotspots and hyperlinks can provide additional intelligence for easy identification and navigation of tags

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