Big data – collection, storage and analysis
Capture and store high-fidelity data generated by your industrial facilities with AVEVA.

AVEVA Historian includes advanced data storage and compression techniques for a variety of industry-standard interfaces. This ensures you have open access to process, alarm, and event data. AVEVA Historian can obtain the right metrics allowing you to make informed decisions quickly and stay proactive in your processes.
Industrial data management


Required Data Storage Space


Million Tags





Historian for any industry

Learn out how to gain access to industry relevant data.

Make sense of your industrial data

The advanced data storage and compression with industry-standard query language provides easy, open access to all process, alarm, and event data. This enables faster, more accurate decisions while keeping everyone informed on operational performance.

Maintaining business continuity

Reduce your data storage costs by more than 80% with extremely efficient data storage algorithms

Power query

Extract more value from legacy systems faster by leveraging our Microsoft SQL Server’s high-speed data acquisition and storage.

Scale safely

Apply to just a single process or start off with a scalable, widely-distributed information management solution that can be used by dozens of sites and hundreds of users at a time.


Interface via the industry leading AVEVA InTouch HMI for maximum return on your software.

Collect, validate, archive

The use of automated data capturing allows you to continuously gather data from single-node sources or any highly distributed sources anywhere in the world. Apply built-in data validation procedures to ensure data accuracy. Ensures that you keep all short-term diagnostic data and long-term records needed to support compliance.

Millions of data tags

Millions of tags can be monitored by AVEVA Historian for storing and tracking your vital data. Whether it’s a single process or an entire facility – AVEVA Historian has the capabilities. Store data locally and aggregate at the enterprise level, fulfilling the most demanding analysis and reporting requirements.

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