Driving a Digital and Sustainable Marine Future

Driving a Digital and Sustainable Marine Future
Once siloed and lagging in technology adoption, today’s marine industry is undergoing a multi-faceted transformation. Increased regulation, aging assets, and high operational costs have led to challenging market conditions for remaining competitive at sea. Consolidation and reconfiguration across the value chain and adoption of digital technologies, including the digital twin, are enabling marine leaders to protect margins, automate manual processes, improve safety, accessibility, drive process and maintenance optimization, and improve operational efficiency.
Our Solutions

Marine Solutions Include:

Mastering Ship Design & Construction
Optimizing Operations
Managing the Digital Ship
Enabling Your Workforce

AVEVA Marine™

VEVA Marine is an integrated suite of software for the design and construction of every type of ship and offshore project.

Technology for new vessels is rapidly changing, causing companies to consolidate and making regulation ever more rigorous. While competition is increasing and generational changes are reshaping the industrial marine workforce, AVEVA’s end-to-end solutions for Marine and Shipbuilding empower you to manage costs across complex global supply chains, and optimize operations to maximize efficiency.