Maximize Value with Savings up to $320M/year
Leading chemical companies rely on AVEVA to actively drive value & sustainability. By applying our technologies and expertise we enable faster engineering and help to improve manufacturing with more agile production, better quality management, and compliance with EHS targets.

AVEVA enables 13 of top 15 chemical companies and most of the world's petrochemical crackers, with the most comprehensive portfolio that ties profitability to sustainability goals.​
Our Solutions

Our Solutions For The Chemical Industry

Reduce time from concept to full-capacity production -
Adapt quickly to demand shifts, changing product mix, commoditization, and increasing global competition.

- Evaluate multiple design scenarios quickly.
- Gain more control over budget and schedule.
- Improve engineering efficiency.

Shaping a sustainable future in the Chemical Industry

Global trends and sustainability drivers are pushing chemical companies for new product developments and better supply chain management to drive the circular economy. The COVID-19 pandemic affected consumer behavior and impacted the way we work. Now, digital transformation is the key for chemical manufacturers to overcome challenges and thrive.