Integration of conceptual, front-end engineering (FEED), and detailed design for maximum capital project efficiency.
What is Unified Engineering?
AVEVA Unified Engineering is the new standard for capital project engineering and design collaboration. It integrates all process simulation and engineering (1D, 2D and 3D) data in one single data-centric hub on AVEVA's secure cloud environment, AVEVA™ Connect. This means that you can access all your data from any device, anywhere, anytime. Bi-directional information flow, enabling concurrent engineering and multi-discipline engineering for greater control over change.


Faster FEED stage


Increased engineering efficiency

Increased engineering efficiency

Reduction in project schedule


Saved on Total Installed Cost

Unified Engineering

Break down the silos between process, mechanical, and other engineers to enable seamless collaboration in global multi-discipline teams.

AVEVA Unified Engineering Features

With AVEVA Unified Engineering, simulation data created in FEED is readily available for use at the design stage and validated in real-time to break down data silos. This allows engineering and design workflows to be more efficient.

Single engineering platform optimizes plant efficiency & sustainability

Process, mechanical, electrical and instrumentation engineers can close the loop by using the available data to make the most efficient decisions throughout a product’s lifecycle. Process simulation early in the project phase can help your projects run more smoothly through the FEED and obtain plant behavior insights and optimized processes for your project.

Integrated Engineering & Design

By executing conceptual, FEED and detailed engineering design from one location, you can coordinate with teams and suppliers in the production of automated work. Create a single source of truth and automate workflows across your process and engineering data for overall reduced capital project time, cost, and risk.

Create the Digital Twin Data Model

Real-time data sharing grants instant engineering visibility to every party involved with the project and significantly reduces handover burden. Data from a project can be aggregated to create a Digital Twin which is easily shared via the cloud. This allows people connected to the platform to interact more quickly and increases operational processes for your company.

Leverage the cloud

AVEVA Unified Engineering is an always-on, managed service available on AVEVA Connect – a cloud platform that you can access remotely and work freely from your computer or smartphone. In doing so, you can improve productivity and empower your workforce to help scale your project.

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