AVEVA™ Operations Management Interface 2023 Training Syllabus

Course Information

Length: 4 Days
The AVEVA™ Operations Management Interface 2023 course is a 4-day class designed to provide an overview of the features and functionalities released with the AVEVA Operations Management Interface software.

It covers the components and capabilities of the software, as well as topics to help you build and deploy an AVEVA Operations Management Interface visualization application for System Platform.

It also introduces tools for creating graphics, visualizing alarms and events, visualizing trends and history, and implementing security in an AVEVA Operations Management Interface application.

Hands-on labs are provided to reinforce the knowledge necessary to use the software.

Who Should Attend?

Individuals who need to configure or modify AVEVA Operations Management Interface applications.


Upon completion of this course, you will be able to:

  • Describe AVEVA Operations Management Interface visualization components
  • Create display layouts for visualization applications
  • Create and run visualization applications
  • Describe situational awareness concepts
  • Create and use graphics
  • Create and use namespaces and attributes
  • Implement navigation for visualization applications
  • Implement visualization application security
  • Implement alarm visualization
  • Implement trend visualization
  • Implement historical playback visualization


Knowledge of the following tools, features, and technologies is required:

  • Industrial automation software concepts
  • From the AVEVA™ Application Server software product:
    • System Platform IDE
    • Automation objects
    • Alarms of attributes
    • Historization of attributes
    • Security
    • Deployment model
    • Plant model

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Course Fee

Please see training schedule for current fees.

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