Enterprise Asset Management (Powered by Avantis)
Lower Costs and Improve Safety and Reliability
Enterprise Asset Management is equipped to provide complete maintenance management, spares, and inventory management solutions along with complete procurement capabilities for asset intensive industries. Increase asset availability by seeing that necessary maintenance is performed and enable maximum output from expensive and complex assets. Our Rapid Implementation Methodology (RIM) is fast, easy and effective. It minimizes the time employees need to invest and reduces your implementation risk. With increased visibility into maintenance history, inventory, and procurement, you can implement a preventative maintenance program that maximizes return on asset investment.
Reduce Operations, Maintenance, and Inventory Costs


of Millions Saved in Early Warning Catches


Reduction in Maintenance Costs


Improvement in Workforce Efficiency


Reduction in Unplanned Downtime

Asset Performance Management

The Key to Achieving Operational Excellence in Asset intensive industries

Enterprise Asset Management

Take control of your asset management strategy with an asset management strategy that can help you manage both spares and inventory through full procurement capability. For businesses that are part of asset intensive industries where assets play a pivotal role, this could provide visibility and complete control avoiding bottlenecks.

Work Management

This enables you to effectively schedule incoming work and takes the hassle out of preventive maintenance tasks. The planning function ensures that labor, materials, tools, drawings, subcontractor requirements, and safety information can be identified on work orders to support proactive maintenance activities.

Preventative Maintenance

Create a library of standard repeatable jobs with automatic work order generation based on any combination of user-defined triggering criteria such as operating statistics, elapsed time and calendar date as well as inspection checklists and PM routines. This application is integrated with distribution control systems like the Foxboro I/A Series System or Systems Platform which allows automated updates of real-time operating statistics from the plant floor.

Reliability Analysis

Develop an extensive log of equipment information that arises from daily maintenance tasks. The log includes the history of failures, their symptoms, the cause of failure and action taken. In addition, indicators such as mean-time-between-failure and mean-time-to-repair reporting are available to determine proper fine-tuning of equipment maintenance requirements.

MRO Inventory Management

Address the main challenges of maintenance repair and operations to enable the control of a large number of unique and low-unit value items. The system is able to decide when, where, and how much stock to order based on your staff’s calculations, as well as a more detailed “available-to-promise” logic.


Give your business the opportunity to minimize the cost of buying high volumes of MRO (maintenance, repair and operations) inventory items, and make sure that parts are available when you need them. You can fully automate the entire procurement process, including how to get more comprehensive quotes and contracts as well as when you’re manufacturing.

Approval and EAM Workflow

Approval routes are custom defined by the user – they can be based on financial and functional rules. Approvals can either be performed electronically in a designated approver inbox or sent via email to allow for off-line approvals. Approved documents can be automatically processed to their next stage via workflow.

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