AVEVA Process Optimization
Equation-Based Optimization and Rigorous Online Modelling
AVEVA Process optimization is designed to provide real-time supervision that can generate precise information to improve performance and allow operators to make more informed decisions quicker.

Optimization is where operations and economics meet. Establishing baseline process performance can save a time and money, while optimizing your plant performance. Typical benefits range from $0.05-$0.25/bbl throughput, with a typical payback period of one year. AVEVA Process Optimization also extends beyond purely process optimization enabling refinery/plant performance monitoring, troubleshooting and rigorous engineering studies.


“What-If” Scenarios


Optimization and Reporting

Visualize Results

& Key Performance Indicators

Make More

Informed Decisions

Achieve real time plant optimization with model-based online performance monitoring

Process Optimization

AVEVA Process Optimization uses real-time data to set the optimal production levels that maximize profit and comply with regulations.

An Optimization Solution that's easily Scalable and Maintainable

AVEVA Process Optimization is designed specifically to address the need for real-time, nonlinear optimization of continuous processes. Gathering process and economic data, it helps you find the equilibrium points that guarantee maximum operating profits and at the same time satisfying all regulatory requirements.

AVEVA Process Optimization employs first principle simulation techniques with proven data reconciliation and optimization technologies to provide maximum, sustainable plant performance. AVEVA’s technology enables you to get the highest return on investment from your plant.

Evaluation of “What if” Scenarios

AVEVA Process Optimization is a Microsoft Excel-based offline optimization program that uses flowchart models to provide answers to “what if” scenarios in order to meet your business goals for efficiency and profitability.

Procurement planning can often be conducted by process optimization models which can also evaluate the benefits of process changes.

Automated Optimization and Reporting

AVEVA Process Optimization’s Real-time System (RTS) offers an integrated solution for scheduling optimization and reporting. With RTS, users can automate complex event sequences that enable closed-loop optimization. Task sequences can be scheduled to run daily, weekly, or at any preset interval. They can also be dynamically controlled when specific conditions, such as reaching steady state, are met.

Results in Visualization and KPIs

With AVEVA Process Optimization’s industry-proven results can be visualized quickly using embedded web page reporting and via the company’s intelligence application for web-based dashboards — displaying key performance indicators and other important operations information.

Making Optimization easier with Integrated Modelling

AVEVA Process Optimization is a solution that is capable of balancing the level of quality and response time for your process. It brings together heat- and material balance simulations, data reconciliation, error detection, economic optimization and performance monitoring that are all available from within a single user interface. Process Optimization’s integrated interface and drag-and-drop functionality minimizes the user’s learning curve and accelerates real economic benefits. It’s equation-based optimization engine is unmatched.

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