A flexible, high-performance SCADA software solution for industrial processes
Plant SCADA is designed to provide powerful configuration tools and engineering features that will help mitigate issues involved with an increase in data from various sources.

Plant operations can be difficult to understand with all the different variables. But with the robust visualization capabilities of AVEVA Plant SCADA, you can understand what is happening now and plan for the future. By visualizing processes and data, you’ll be empowered to improve plant operations.


Operator awareness


Alarm management





Access Plant SCADA from anywhere

Virtually operate your plant - Anywhere, anytime, on any device.

Empower your operators on the plant floor

Context-aware workspace

  • A Situational Awareness Workspace that can be customized for your use case and provides a variety of user options that allow you to get the right information you need at the right time. AVEVA Plant SCADA visualization has been made simpler and more powerful, allowing you to relay data effectively.
  • The equipment driven interface can give operators context to help them make decisions quickly. This will allow them to stop issues before they worsen.
  • Seamlessly integrated Alarming, Trending, Interlocks and Control data together in a single interface. Watch alarms unfold across your screens and react quickly to threats with this software
  • All helping to minimize visual distractions for operators, enabling timely decision making and helping to mitigate risk and operational downtime

Comprehensive equipment library

  • The out-of-the-box symbol library significantly reduces the time it takes to build graphics while also giving you the flexibility to customize objects as you see fit.
  • Improvements in graphics systems and new workspace concepts have made building complex layouts quicker.
  • Pinned windows and named animations that anyone can easily use are just some of our many features designed to simplify engineering work.

Enhanced alarm management

  • Workspace has a built-in navigation that helps you see the alarms for a specific piece of equipment, and shows you which one is the most urgent, allowing you to focus on the problem that needs our attention first.
  • Alarm indicators to quickly draw operators’ attention and help locate the source of anomalies and associated severity
  • Alarm Shelving allows you to set a temporary silence duration or specify the time an alarm will be enabled.
  • Define up to 8 Cause(s), Response(s), and Consequence(s) for your alarms to give your operators the information they need to deal with abnormal situations

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