AVEVA Historian Client
Historian Client is a powerful reporting solution for your production data. It provides operators and engineers with detailed insights and trend analysis while saving you both time and money.
Real-time and historical data available from AVEVA Historian Client makes it easy to understand the processes going on in your company. For example, operators, engineers and decision makers can see the best time to fix something. They can view and analyze reports and data trends on their desktop, laptop or web browser through applications such as Microsoft Office, InTouch HMI, or even through custom software clients.

Gain insight from your data

Get deep insights from the data in your historian with AVEVA Historian Client. Share your data securely with co-workers and systems on the operations, control or business network. With AVEVA Historian Client, troubleshooting, self-service reporting and continuous process improvement become more effective.

What’s new in Historian 2023

Learn about all the improvements in the Historian 2023 release

Key Features

Rich Process Trending Analysis

Drag and drop data selection (Tag Picker)
– Absolute or relative time scaling (Time Picker)
– Static or live data mode
– History playback
– Single or stacked Trace. X-Y scatter trends
– Powerful scaling, panning, zooming, cursors and annotation capabilities
– Flexible time horizon
– Rich analysis

Microsoft Office Add-ins: Empowering Reporting and Analysis

– Data analysis and reports, Excel add-in, Word add-in
– Connect to Historian and build your data reports using functions, formulas, queries, and wizards.

Fast and Easy Data Querying

– Create your own data queries with over 20 “out of the box” Query Types.
– No SQL skills needed, save your queries and use them in other applications.

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