Discover AVEVA™ Edge Management
AVEVA Edge Management is a powerful tool for installing and managing remote devices. Edge Management is a part of the AVEVA Connect, our common cloud platform. It allows for software to be provisioned quickly with flexible subscription models offering faster deployment at the edge of the network. In turn, this enables users to quickly deploy their applications or manage devices at the edge of their network.

Edge Management lets you add edge applications to your hybrid architecture to successfully include them in Industry 4.0 (IIoT). The company has an edge solution with operational excellence and asset performance to enable it to be used anywhere via the cloud.

Edging your way to the Cloud

Learn how AVEVA Connect allows you to install, deploy and manage your operations all in the cloud!

Reduce Costs

Simplify Device Management

AVEVA Edge Management streamlines your process environmental monitoring offering to keep your industrial devices operational. This means you can perform diagnostics and maintenance work anytime and anywhere with web-based software. Using program management and remote monitoring, rely less on local expertise for IT support, the performance of devices and software, or the status and health. System admins can monitor applications in many different locations. This makes it easier than ever to maintain currency of devices.

Reduce Costs

AVEVA Edge Management makes it simple to remotely manage devices across networks without the need for separate software or multiple user logins. That way you save time, money and resources – reducing your TCO (Total cost of ownership) in the process.

The Power of the AVEVA™ Connect

Edge Management uses AVEVA Connect which includes edge-data management for a range of use cases, from IIoT deployments to hybrid-cloud data integration. With the open and agnostic service, you can also manage the lifecycle of your edge devices. Examples include:

  • Register Devices

  • Configure Modules

  • Deploy

  • Monitor

  • Support

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