AVEVA™ Discrete Lean Management
Digitize Lean and Work Management to achieve Smart Manufacturing
AVEVA's digital tools help you adopt industry standard lean practices to reduce wasteful production losses and continuously improve efficiency on your production line. Lean tools like these are giving manufacturers the opportunity to become Lean practitioners by adopting principles such as Andon, Jidoka, Kaizen and Muda. These tools allow you to make choices about how you'd like your business to operate.

The use of digital tools in the workplace is becoming more widespread and for good reason. Not only do they save time, but they also help you adopt Lean Manufacturing best practices (consistency when it comes to following a process) and allow for paperless work management.
Digital Lean management needs just one power tool: your people


Elimination of Paperwork

30% +

Cost Savings


Productivity Improvement


Decreased Response Time


Limitless Possibilities with our Industrial Software.

Drive Line and Plant Productivity

Performance Management

Improve your operational efficiency by measuring and analyzing OEE/OLE. You can take shortcuts by analyzing root causes with data from production lines and plant events. Evaluate and analyze production line performance with dashboards for labor and equipment effectiveness, as well as quality, and maintenance KPIs.


Get notified faster with production issues and see this information with real time visibility on dashboards, workstations and mobile devices for effective response to different issue scenarios. Communicate better with your colleagues, associate the right problem with the right team, and solve problems more efficiently. With better visibility with potential production problems, other production team members will be able to prevent or reduce downtime and production loss on a machine, a line or the plant.

Work Order Management

Improve execution and tracking with digital and centralized production work allocation to production lines. Work orders can be displayed and executed through a line interface as well as recorded, providing you with all documentation. Work orders can be released to production and confirmed upon closure based on data exchange with a business application. To optimize plant throughput and minimize changeover within the same shift, work orders can be allocated based on capacity and best line performance (OEE/OLE) for the specified products.

Digital Work Instructions

Give your production team access to clear, easy-to-follow work instructions to get tasks done right the first time and prevent production errors. Manage and display work instructions as a digital document and instruction media files. Train and guide operators by teaching them how to operate a specific machine and provide easy-to-follow step by step instructions. Keep your work instructions up to date and effectively manage change by hosting work instruction files in a central repository.

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