AVEVA™ Development Studio
Digital Transformation Across HMI SCADA
AVEVA Development Studio provides an integrated engineering environment for all supervisory SCADA, HMI, and MES application development. The unified engineering environment allows developers to spend more of their time designing HMI and SCADA projects. Produce higher quality products to meet the demands of an increasingly competitive market.

Different engineers developing supervisory SCADA and HMI applications over many years are likely to vary in their design practices. This lack of standardisation leads ultimately to higher redesign and maintenance costs.

AVEVA's HMI SCADA portfolio enables Smarter and more Connected Industrial and Infrastructure Operations

Key Features

Reduce your HMI Engineering Cost and Effort

Development Studio’s intuitive graphic editor helps you produce a variety of process graphics and visualizations for use in interactive applications, from stunningly vivid examples to best-practice situational awareness symbols. Wonderware-based HMI solution is great because it allows you to use your own design and engineering standards across many different applications. Moreover, Development Studio supports collaboration, so Engineers, Operators and IT staff can collaborate to create more effective HMIs in less time.

Improve System Maintainability

Development Studio helps you develop and maintain your applications by providing centralized application management and deployment. Moreover, it can support a networked environment for easy access to resources. Any change or modification to an application can be automatically propagated throughout the enterprise. This saves a lot of time engineering, and the consistent quality eliminates errors.


Deliver Richer Customized Application Content

By using Development Studio, our customers are able to expand their applications and make them even more innovative by utilizing other new data sources and integrating multiple silos.


Drive Enterprise-Wide Standardization

Development Studio utilizes a unified “Plant Model” that will map out different stages of your production process, all of your physical equipment, and all of your manufacturing subsystems. This drives company-wide standards throughout your plant or from one site to another.

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