AVEVA™ Condition Management
Deep Dive into Condition Management
Improve situational awareness for your team by providing them with a single interface and repository of information. Speed up problem solving with knowledge capture and information sharing to make better informed decisions that lead to improvements in operations.
Connect Your Control, Safety, and Maintenance Teams in Real-Time


of Millions Saved with Predictive Analytics


Reduction in Maintenance Costs


Improvement in Workforce Efficiency


Reduction in Unplanned Downtime

AVEVA Asset Strategy Optimization

Optimize Asset Performance Management with Risk Based Maintenance


Integration with Critical Plant Systems

Condition Management software ties condition information together with required actions for critical plant systems and business solutions. In the plant environment, this includes integration with the Control/PLC/SCADA and Safety solutions, where access to key information is provided through the operator console.

Early Failure Detection

By understanding the condition of an asset, Condition Management can help increase asset availability, reduce costs, and avoid unnecessary maintenance and downtime.

This supports continuous improvement through an integrated workflow management capability, and provides operations, engineering, and maintenance with easy access to current asset information for better decision making.

Easy Configuration

A simple configuration tool provides the linking mechanism between the Asset Registry and a wide range of plant information sources. It empowers the process engineer to link and configure the monitoring parameters for equipment and measurement points, define the analysis to be applied, and define the required actions/workflow resulting from the analysis.



Data Analysis

Condition Management analyses data from multiple disparate assets, systems, and devices to help businesses understand their asset’s contribution to business operations throughout the entire asset lifecycle.




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