AVEVA Unified Supply Chain
Improve your decision making with AVEVA Unified Supply Chain
AVEVA Unified Supply Chain delivers on the basics of high-quality supply chain information, with simple, consistent access to data with easy integration to external business systems. For the first time, you can plan, schedule, assay and distribute resources in an efficient way. Users can concentrate on their tasks while building on established business rules.


Customers Worldwide


Sites Deployed


Reduction in time to create assays form laboratory samples


Improvement to time required for crude purchase evaluation

Learn how digital transformation and value chain optimization can help address challenges in your own value chain

AVEVA Unified Supply Chain features

AVEVA Unified Supply Chain helps you make informed decisions quickly by finding the right information. It is designed to address each aspect of your supply chain and turn opportunities into business value.

Crude Assay Management

Provides a holistic solution to gain the benefits of all Crude Knowledge Management and insights. It allows for both trivial in-house maintenance, as well as new, innovative development for your company’s crude oil needs. Easily maintain, improve, and distribute crude oil insight across broad user groups

Production Planning

Build long and short-term plans for maximum profit and best use of assets. Enable users groups to understand and contribute through a  user-friendly interface, increasing your process model assurance.

Production Scheduling

Create robust schedules including economic and operation targeting. With an intuitive and flexible interface that provides fast, accurate information improving visibility on current and future activities.

Ditribution and Network Optimization

Identify economic opportunities that can help you meet your operational goals, and solve complex logistic constraints by having a strong presence in various locations.

Process Model Management

Create accurate and reliable Base Delta models by using our powerful regression and tracking tool on your plant and simulator data.

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