Power and Utilities

How CIMSOFT CORP. helps Companies Within the Power and Utilities Industry
We empower Power and Utilities operators to deliver safer, more reliable, more resilient, more sustainable, and more efficient services to their customers while minimizing risk and lowering total cost to operate. AVEVA has a track record of co-innovation with major power and utilities clients worldwide, from Design and Build, through Handover and to Operate and Maintain. AVEVA is uniquely positioned to allow a wholistic asset lifecycle view.
Our Solutions

Power and Utilities Solutions

Power Generation
AVEVA has the most advanced and innovative software tools to help in your journey to sustainability and operational excellence. Whether you are a building a new combined cycle plant, adding renewable generation assets or finding ways to optimize the operation of existing generation.

Transmission and Distribution
AVEVA understands grid reliability is a rising concern and nations are working towards digitization of transmission and distribution grids, maximizing the utilization of assets in the grids as well as modernizing the automation infrastructure.

AVEVA solutions for renewable power generation are built on our leading industrial data management software to optimize your core processes.

Shaping a sustainable future in the Power industry

Learn how AVEVA uses a holistic approach to solve the major challenges in the power industry.