AVEVA Operations Control (elementor)

Hybrid-Cloud technology platform with visualization and control to manage industrial operations.

AVEVA Operations Control (elementor)

Operations control as your foundation 

As a user-centric industrial software subscription, AVEVA Operations Control provides access across both on-premises and cloud applications, giving you the power to choose the configuration, architecture and deployment options that best meet your objectives. 
AVEVA Operations Control enables industrial organizations to rethink their approach to HMI/SCADA. By removing architectural limitations and connecting teams with comprehensive capability and unleashed real-time data, you can make use of the information and capabilities available to improve productivity, operational effectiveness, and increase profitability. 

AVEVA Operations Control - At-a-glance 

  • User-centric software subscription
  • Architectural flexibility, including hybrid-SaaS
  • Access to comprehensive and unlimited software capabilities
    • HMI/SCADA visualization with mobility
    • Process historian
    • Reporting and analysis clients
      Analytical dashboarding with AI insights
      Collaboration and team communication
      Knowledge and skills management
      Manufacturing execution
      Communication drivers
      Development tools
      System health and diagnostic tools
      Inclusive technical support and software updates

Rethinking HMI/SCADA for a digitally connected workforce

Read the Whitepaper to learn what analysts identified as crucial efficiency, productivity, and agility drivers.

Why You Should Opt for AVEVA Operations Control 

Evaluating software for industrial operations

Read the guide to choosing the right software to help you promote operational awareness and safe, efficient operations.

Quebec Iron Ore digitally transforms mining operations

At their Bloom Lake location in Quebec, the Quebec Iron Ore open-pit mine is a powerhouse of production, successfully generating 7.4 million tonnes annually of top-quality iron ore concentrate in its Phase I operation. This significant success is, in part, due to the digitization of processes that has empowered their teams with the ability to perform in-house analyses and generate comprehensive reports.

Operators now have an all-encompassing view from extraction to shipment, achieved through unified data management tools, which naturally leads to safer and more efficient operations. This collective effort is key in boosting Quebec Iron Ore’s overall profitability.

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