Wonderware Canada East (local) SI Partners

At Wonderware Canada East we are very fortunate to have a large number of very qualified and talented Systems Integrators working with us in our territory. Some of our SI's have been working with us since 1991 and have grown their product knowledge along with us as the Wonderware products have evolved! We are proud to list these Systems Integrators on our website and wherever possible we have included contact information with their listing.

There are 3 types of Systems Integrator programs that are available to any Systems Integrator that wishes to be involved with Wonderware. The Systems Integrator program is a "sponsored" program in that in order for an SI to be in the program they must be sponsored by the local distributor (Wonderware Canada East) and they must have personnel on staff that have had training either directly from Wonderware or from Wonderware Canada East and they must pay a yearly subscription/support fee in order to be registered in the program.


Endorsed Systems Integrators

n endorsed System Integrator is a very special category that only Systems Integrators with exceptional Wonderware implementation experience can belong to. A Systems Integrator cannot apply to become an "Endorsed" Integrator as this category is completely controlled by Wonderware directly. An endorsed integrator typically has multiple personnel that have achieved "Certified Developer" status and the integrator themselves will have implemented Wonderware software in the most challenging applications spaces such as MES/Operations.
In order to become an endorsed integrator the Si firm must have completed multiple succesful projects that the end user customers have verified as having been completed on time, on budget and in specification. When an integrator has reached this level of excellence Wonderware may choose to invite the SI to become an "Endorsed" Systems Integrator.

System Intigratior: Calisto Intigration

Address: 635 Fourth Line, Unit 16

City: Oakville

Province: Ontario

Contact: Robert Peters


Certified Systems Integrators

An integrator can apply to become a Certified Systems Integrator by having two or more of their personnel acquire certification in at least two products e.g. InTouch and Historian, InTouch and Application Server etc and by having completed two projects with those products that the end user will verify were completed successfully. To become a Certified Systems Integrator an SI must be sponsored into the program by Wonderware Canada East and must maintain their subscription and support contract yearly. We are fortunate to have several Certified Systems Integrators working with us in our territory.

System integrator: Cygnus Consulting Inc

Address: 7030 Woodbine Ave

City: Markham

Province: Ontartio

Contact:Blair Hembruff


System integrator: Grantek Control Systems

Address: 4480 Harvester Road

City: Burlington

Province: Ontartio

Contact: James Horton


 System integrator: Jordan Engineering Inc.

Address: 4516 Mountainview Road

City: Beamsville

Province: Ontartio

Contact: Sandra Murre

Registered Systems Integrator

An integrator can become part of the Systems Integrator program by enrolling in the Registered Systems Integrator program. To do so an integrator must be sponsored by Wonderware Canada East and must have some training/experience in at least one of the Wonderware products such as InTouch. To join the program the integrator must purchase an annual subscription and a support contract.








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