Success Stories

Electrical Power

Eskom Holdings Ltd.

Eskom implemented a number of Wonderware software applications that enable its staff to use plant data and overall information more effectively.

John Viljoen, Corporate Consultant for Generation Business Eskom Holdings Ltd.

"Wonderware software provides our engineering and management teams with access to usable data that before was not readily available. We can now make decisions in real-time on our electricity generation capabilities, enabling Eskom to continue to improve."

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9REN Group

9REN Group is using Wonderware solutions to monitor and improve the performance of its renewable energy plant installations throughout Europe and the Mideast.

Francisco Alija, Monitoring and Control Manager

"9REN has improved the availability of this system using the very reliable solution from Invensys. If you want to offer the market a better solution, you need to use an upto- date monitoring system. Invensys gave us this capability"

ble energy plants, and reduced maintenance costs by limiting the need for on-site control

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